Delivery & Bulk Material

At Kulak’s Nursery & Landscaping our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy your purchases. That’s why we have a hassle-free home delivery service. Our nominal delivery charges, posted at our register, will ensure a safe and timely delivery anywhere on your property accessible by trucks.  Our fleet of trucks can handle most size purchases and some even come equipped with a forklift to better serve your needs. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request.

Bulk Mulches:      (2022 prices listed below: Prices may change at any time during the season without notice)

  • Colored Black    $45/yd
  • Natural Premium Dark Brown $45/yd
  • Colored Brown   $45/yd
  • Colored Red        $45/yd
  • Natural Cedar     $50/yd
  • Playground Mulch $48/yd (certified)
  • Sweet Peet         $79/yd


  • Topsoil  $40/yd
  • Yellow Fill $30/yd
  • Compost $45/yd
  • Mason Sand OR concrete sand $47/yd

Decorative Colored Stones:

  • Burgundy  $120/yd
  • Rainbow Lite  $120/yd
  • Yellow Ocean Pebbles  $115/yd
  • Maryland yellow Cobble $157/yd
  • White Marble  $100/yd
  • Granite crushed #2 $75/yd

Washed Stones:

  • Pea Stone  $45/yd
  • #2/3 Mix Round Stone   $44/yd
  • Cobbles-small ~3″-6″  $60/yd (must be seen in person before delivery)
  • Cobbles-med ~6″-12″ $90/yd (must be seen in person before delivery)

Base Materials:

  • 1A Crushed Limestone  $40/yd
  • #2 Crushed Stone  $40/yd
  • Crusher Run  $40/yd
  • Stone Dust   $40yd

Delivery Fee is $50 per truck locally. Fees may vary per town (call to inquire).  Minimum of 2 yards to deliver.