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Greening Up with Time-Tested Tropicals, By Kenny Barnett – November 2015

      Some of us might have brought houseplants in from outdoors this all. Maybe a large Areca Palm, or Dieffenbachia- plants that did well outside for the warm seasons in a partially shaded area on a deck or driveway edge.  Others might have been a bit more inventive, deciding to winter over tropical vines like […]


Butterfly Bushes…Buddleia Basics – By Kenny Barnett – July 2015

As the longer day-length plants start to show their colors after June 21, we all look to the next new flower show.  A long time, full-sun favorite, the “Butterfly Bushes,”  (Buddleia spp.) are definitely an early summer show piece!  Famously fragrant, and in a glorious range of colors, this “almost” shrub and its relatives (there […]


Get Digging… Gardening is for your Health By Karen Kulak- June 2015

As you head out to the backyard this weekend to begin turning over the soil and planting your favorite flowers, shrubs or rows of veggies and herbs you can’t wait to harvest, you might like to know that your gardening efforts are doing more than beautifying the neighborhood and providing food for the family: They […]